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Printing Being Done Locally

Singa Printing

Recently I have started to print instructions and care cards locally, it was hard to find a company who could fill in all the requirements that Green Gaea has between the sage sets & jewellery but finally I have found someone to help me print all those extras for each online purchase 

Why is local sustainable? 

Local production doesn't have to travel as far to arrive, so it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to improving our carbon footprint. It benefits the local economy, including supporting local small businesses and other producers.

Singa Printing is based locally and the turn around time once the artwork is agreed upon, and yes that will always take a couple of days so make time for that when you do decide to start printing and it's sent straight to your door. 

With beautiful labels, business cards and stickers including Kraft paper options for a sustainable take on printing these guys have got your basics covered.