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Athena Turquoise Bracelet
Athena Turquoise Bracelet
Athena Turquoise Bracelet

Athena Turquoise Bracelet

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Athena The Goddess associated with wisdom, handicraft and warfare. She was the protectress of Athens and her symbol was the olive tree

Turquoise  is perhaps the oldest crystal or stone known to history, the talisman of kings, shamans, and warriors. Turquoise is worn for protection, beautiful to see and soothing to touch, visually healing as if this were sent from the heavens for us to see.


Medallion diameter: 1,7 cm
Material: Gold plated and chaolite stones
Total length: 17 cm


Cleaning products, cosmetics like hairspray and perfume can discolour your jewellery. Therefore it is recommended that you do not wear your pieces while showering, working out, swimming, or visiting a sauna.

Silver and gold jewellery oxidize over time and slowly start to turn black or grey. We recommend storing your pieces in dry, cool spaces as moistness can accelerate the oxidation process. The best cleaning tool would be a specialized silver cleaning cloth. Your jewellery can be gold plated by any jeweller, when needed.