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Aikyam Gold Hoop Earrings
Aikyam Gold Hoop Earrings
Aikyam Gold Hoop Earrings
Aikyam Gold Hoop Earrings

Aikyam Gold Hoop Earrings

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Aikyam ऐक्यम्  : Sanskrit for oneness, unity, harmony and identity.

Wear these hand made gold hammered earrings as a reminder you are whole and you are perfect just as you are 

Hoops and their history 

Being a circle hoop earrings show unity, infinity, and wholeness

Hoops date back to the continent of Africa over 2500 years ago and became immediately popular when seen and quickly worn by the women of the AGEAN Sea Islands in Ancient Greece

Sustainable Materials Used 

Hoop size 15mm. 

Made from recycled 22 carat gold using 2 microns over recycled sterling silver, using this process for a long lasting finish for years to come

This item is hypoallergenic, nickel free and safe for sensitive skin

Putting People First

This beautiful necklace has been carefully crafted by a small team of marginalised artisans displaced from West Bengal, who have found sustainable livelihoods through their skill in making beautiful pieces like these.

They are proudly certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation.

Each piece comes packaged in a hand crafted green and gold box which has been lovingly created just for you

Planet First 

Packaging is mindfully thought through to be kind to you and the planet. Using soy ink and acid free paper, this packaging coming from upcycled materials and kraft paper to reduce any footprint. To help keep your jewellery looking lovely.