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Palo Santo & Rope Incense

Palo Santo & Rope Incense

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Palo Santo - Just The Sticks 

Each Bundle Contains 

  • Hand Made Rope Incense From Nepal x 1 
  • Palo Santo - Just The Sticks 
  • 2 Pieces Only 
  • Tied Up In Vintage Ribbon 

The goal has always been to offer products that brings us closer to our roots. Our artisan parnters travel to local communities where Green Gaea's Palo Santo comes from to see the job of the farmers who collect it. Each community with its own story and charm but with one similar goal: to bring this precious wood to the world. Throughout the years, we’ve learned that Palo Santo is a magic wood that exudes peace and connects us to the earth, and can be used as an organic mosquito repellant!


***Please note these bundles do not include crystals or floral arrangement *** 


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