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Roses Sechees
Roses Sechees
Roses Sechees

Roses Sechees

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The natural care of the Valley of Roses

virtues : Known for its tonic properties and excellent vitamin C intake, the rose is effective against fatigue. Its pink color is also synonymous with love and femininity, it is an elixir of beauty proven in the world still today. True ritual traditional Berber women, they use it in cold infusion as toning and natural antiage.

Intensity : Fresh and well scented

Composition : Buttons of roses harvested by hand. It is in the valley of the roses in the south of Morocco, before the sunrise that the roses are picked to keep all the freshness of their perfume. They are then dried for a month away from the sun, in a room ventilated to preserve their soft pinkish color.

use : In homemade cosmetics, infuse 1 good handful of rosebuds in 100 ml of boiling spring water for 30 minutes. Filter and let cool for a few hours in the dark. Your tonic lotion and make-up remover for the face is ready! The rosebuds are also associated with bath salt to purify and perfume the skin. 
It is also used in cooking because the rose is excellent for flavoring desserts or in the meat dish where it can be combined with hot spices such as pepper and cinnamon.

Close the bag well after each use

  • Dimensions: 60 g

About The Artisans: 
Chabi Chic Morocco is a lifestyle brand drawing inspiration from Moroccan craftsmanship that, thanks to its richness, now touches several worlds: decoration for the whole house, small furniture, accessories for the kitchen, cosmetics with a range of care for the body but also a range of scents for your interiors and finally the side for Her and for Him.

Ethical factory

Chabi Chic revisits Moroccan craftsmanship by bringing a modern touch to promote this wealth on an international scale: LE MADE IN MOROCCO. It offers its fine culture-conscious clientele high quality products based on handmade craftsmanship.

This fruitful partnership gives them the opportunity to get out of the informal work they once were and, above all, to work in better conditions.