Ethical * Effortless * Elegance

Green Gaea eco conscious shopping that supports real people around the globe


After arriving in Singapore and finding no job opportunities to explore, Anne was put in a position to start to explore what she had always wanted to do.  Create beautiful things and help others. 

Sustainability in action to Green Gaea means putting people first, and that is exactly what Green Gaea does. Through a collaborative design process and amazing team in India Green Gaea proudly helps support people in India and Nepal, to help give back to what communities need to keep thriving and moving forward. 

Each piece is made in India by artisans who have been displaced from their homes in West Bengal and now have sustainable livelihoods to help support everyone from their village back home, the artisans themselves are using time honored processes of creating each piece from their region, this design is always honored in each Green Gaea piece to help preserve a cultural blueprint. The artisans are illiterate, however with the money made the first person from their village has now gone to university and is working in accounting, Arun's daughter who is often featured online. 

The artwork for Green Gaea's branding is done by a working Mum from Bulgaria and then sustainable packaging is used for each piece, even the stickers and postcards are printed sustainably using soy based inks using noissue in HK. 

This way a circular economy process has been adapted in to every day running, and no part has been overlooked. Bringing you small pieces made with love