Green Gaea eco conscious shopping that supports real people around the globe


Green Gaea is a place where you can shop for beautiful hand made products made by our artisan partners. 

Everything here is personally curated to be handmade and eco friendly, where people are truly being celebrated and supported for their work and effort with valuable work ethics and fair wages. 

Through supporting these social enterprises we can shop for beautiful hand made things that we all love, and be conscious of the one world that we live in and share by giving back to people using fair trade practices and supporting local communities.

By doing this we are dedicated to helping these women and families find work, have better health, access to education, clearing land mines, access to clean water and to imporve the overall quality of living for each of aritsans and their communities. 

If you'd like to know more about the stock that we carry through the artisans supported from around the world please check out our 'Meet The Makers' highlights.

It is a choice to make a better world, and together we can. 

Shop Consciously. xx