Ethical * Effortless * Elegance


Our World Is Changing and the way we make our choices needs to change with it.  

Green Gaea is commited to finding eco goods made locally within communities using local and organic products. 

Green Gaea is commited to ensuring that workers are paid fair wages for the products made for us, and our artisans are working in a safe and clean condition where people are respected and treated fairly. This often means that our artisan partners are using the money for education and upskilling to start their own businesses and are empowered to do so with us.


I am a woman and I am a humanitarian and I am a femenist !!!! I choose to buy eco goods to care for the earth and I choose to empower other women when I am doing it. From all countries and all backgrounds. Over 85% of all of our dealings and artisans are women. 









Buying hand made means we are also promoting the safe keeping of people's cultural blue print supporting actual humans, this helps us to uphold their human rights and the integrity of the artisans partnering with Green Gaea